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The Glen Arbor Arts Center’s desire is to be ground zero for creativity and lifelong learning. Creative pursuits offer transformative experiences. Where would we be individually and collectively without the transformative experiences that music, visual art, theater and writing provide? At the Glen Arbor Arts Center we think a lot about creativity, its impact on everyday life, and how important it is to healthy, holistic lives.

The GAAC is a community asset helping people get in touch with their own natural creativity and connect with others through creative experiences. Our vision is that creative thinking will be embraced as a recognized, valued and expected part of everyday life.

The GAAC offers programs for all ages, at a wide variety of stages in the journey of exploring personal creativity. There are so many places for people to plug in: actively — by taking a class or trying out for a theater production; supportively — by sitting in an audience and being transported by live music in beautiful settings; quietly — by ducking into the GAAC, and just walking around the gallery because looking at the exhibition is renewing to the spirit.

However one chooses to plug in to creativity, it has a transformative effect. Creative acts and activities allows us to imagine, to problem solve in ways that are not necessarily linear, to come at life in expansive ways. The GAAC’s commitment to creativity is about offering a big tent where all are welcome, regardless of their skill level, experience, or perceived talent. We have an endless supply of opportunities to inspire.

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