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The Glen Arbor Arts Center has a new gallery. Now in Glen Arbor, there is a gallery offering year-round exhibitions that use the visual, performing, written, and spoken arts as a context for examining a range of ideas. The arts – painting, dancing, singing, writing, theater — offer powerful tools for creatively exploring community and regional issues, art historical themes, aesthetic ideas, and more.

And, once the pictures are hung, well, that’s only the beginning. We believe that exhibitions are more than just pictures on a wall. The companion programs that round out each exhibition – artist interviews, art history talks, theater performances, music, poetry — offer diverse, dynamic opportunities to dig deeper into an exhibition’s theme; and to explore it from many unexpected angles.

More than just a gallery, the Glen Arbor Arts Center’s gallery, its exhibitions and programs are a space and a place for exploring the world of creativity. It’s a place for experiencing it personally, and for engaging in the ways others express it. It’s a place to encounter new views, and to see what our neighbors have to say; for seasoned professional and focused amateur to find a place to say, “I made this”; and for friends to gather in front of a painting and ask each other,” What do you think?” 

GAAC GalleryCall for Artists

1/11 – 2/28, 2019

Wood, Woods, Wooden
3/8 – 4/11, 2019

Starts: January 11 - Ends: February 28

Exhibit: “Winter”

Winter means many things to many people. In the northern countries it’s time to hunker down, to slow down so the soul and body can rest and renew.

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Starts: March 8 - Ends: April 11

Exhibit: Wood, Woods, Wooden

Wood is a building material. The woods are where trees grow. Wooden is an attitude, a frame of mind.

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Friday, March 8, 2019

Opening Reception: Wood, Woods, Wooden

Celebrate wood – the material, the place, the state of mind — at the opening reception for “Wood, Woods, Wooden,” the GAAC’s second exhibition of 2019.

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