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Since its inception in 1989, the Glen Arbor Arts Center’s mission has been to further the arts in the Glen Lake area. Throughout its history, GAAC has striven to compliment this region’s natural assets by making Glen Arbor a place where the arts can flourish both for the fulfillment of artists and for the enjoyment of all. GAAC is dedicated to the concept that the arts are an integral part of a good life and the organization nurtures the arts in the community year-round.

Evolving from a shared desk in rented space in an artist’s studio, the GAAC has grown into a multi-faceted organization located in the heart of Glen Arbor. The current facility was made possible by the donation of the land and architectural services as well as a volunteer-driven fundraising effort and opened, debt-free, in 2002. Since then the GAAC has hosted increasing cultural activities: classes, exhibits, plays, concerts, after-school programs, artist talks and presentation, all providing year-round education and enrichment.