Readers’ Theater

Readers’ Theater adds an important dimension to the Glen Arbor Arts Center’s comprehensive arts programming. Since its inception in 2011, casts have been playing to full houses at nearly every performance. Plays have included light-hearted mysteries, comedies, and serious dramas.

What is Readers’ Theater? This type of theater differs from a “normal” theater experience in a number of ways, all driven by the fact that the performers are actually reading their parts from scripts during the performance. No memorization is required. The readings do not have to always be plays, or even parts of plays. While costumes are not necessary, often something simple like a hat, gloves, or tie are added. Simple lighting is used as well. Sound effects and music are often incorporated into the performance and create the feeling of an old time radio show.

No matter how much or how little theater experience a person may have, the Glen Arbor Arts Center’s Readers’ Theater offers something for everyone. Our main goal is to offer community members growth opportunities and education in all aspects of theater: acting, vocal training, directing, writing, producing, staging, light and sound design and management.

Readers’ Theater encourages everyone, both novices and theater veterans alike, to consider giving Readers’ Theater a try. We look forward to seeing you either in front of or behind the lights! If you would like more information, please contact us at